December 14, 2018

What you need to know!

Your application to the University speaks volumes about you. It not only reflects your academic profile but your personality. It is very important to know about the Application process, so that you can apply in time. 

Scholar Hub will get you admission into a University or College subject to your academic background.
Admission can be gained after successful completion of O Levels | GCSE | AS Levels | A Levels | IB | Foundation | Certificate | Diploma | Degree.

Study options include: Foundation | Diploma | Bachelors | Masters & PhD.

Most institutions offer two main intakes a year- February and September
Commencements are also available in April and July depending on the institution and the program.
Students are encouraged to start their application process 3-4 months prior to their commencement date.
An English test such as IELTS/TOEFL may be required.
This depends on your course of study and/or your institution.
There are partial scholarships available depending upon the institution and the program of study.
There are no full scholarships available.
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