Ashinaga Africa Initiative 2018

Overview: Ashinaga is looking for talented students from 49 Sub-Saharan African countries who have lost one or both parents and are willing to pursue their further studies in the world’s leading. The applicant must be in the final year of high school, have graduated from high school, or in the first year or second year of university. Today, the implementation of the children “Ashinaga Educational Support for African Children Who Have Lost Parents” is one of the Ashinaga movement’s central projects. The project aims to provide education opportunities to Africa’s talented children at the world’s leading education institutions. Ultimately it aims to liberate bereaved children in Sub-Saharan Africa from the chains of poverty and provide them with the education that they require to return to their homes as leaders in the fight against poverty.

Study Level: Bachelor

Area of Study: Any degree

Scholarship Value: Scholarship for 4 years of tuition, room and board, and other living expenses. (If the university offers any kind of financial aid, the remaining balance will be granted.)

Requirements: Those who have lost one or both parents (submit an official document)
Those who have completed 12 years of education (primary and secondary school) within the last two years, or those who will complete 12 years of education by June 2017.
Those who are incapable of attending university financially.
Those who are proficient in English, French or Portuguese.
Those who have an outstanding academic performance at school.
Those who can participate in the two Ashinaga preparatory programs before attending university.
Those who are willing to return to Africa to contribute to society after graduating from university.
Those who are not married and without children.
Those who are in good health condition both physically and mentally.

How to Apply: Please fill in the Application Form and  send the documents by E-mail, or postal service. The addresses are below:

E-mail:  (For English Speakers)
Apply Online:
Postal address: Ashinaga Recruitment Team , 1-6-8 Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8639, Japan
Person in charge: Tomoyuki NAKAMIZU (Mr.) Telephone: +81(3)3221-0814

Application documents: Application forms with 1 Photo
Copy of school records (the last 2 years)
Copy of certificate of graduation or certificate of enrollment with expected date of graduation
Recommendation letter from a principal or a class teacher
Copy of Health certificate
Copy of official document proving loss of one or both of parents
All documents must be submitted in the same envelope or attached in the same e-mail.

Deadline: 28 MAY 2018

Website: More Info

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