2017-18 African Leadership Academy Global Scholars Program

Overview: The Academy admits between 100 and 125 young leaders from across Africa each year for the two-year pre-university program, anchored on Entrepreneurial Leadership, African Studies, and Writing & Rhetoric. Students also take Cambridge A’level subjects as electives, alongside specialized research classes in the Sciences, Humanities and Creative Arts. The Academy is a boarding school; all students are accommodated and catered for at the Academy’s campus in Honeydew, Johannesburg, South Africa for the duration of their studies.

Study Level: Pre-University

Area of Study: Entrepreneurial Leadership, African Studies, and Writing & Rhetoric.

Scholarship Value: ALA admits young leaders to the Academy irrespective of family financial status and all students are eligible to apply for the Academy’s financial assistance package after admission.  

Requirements:African Leadership Academy accepts students who, at the time they start classes at ALA, are 16-19 years old.  To apply for the 2017-2018 school year, you must have been born after September 1st, 1997. Please note that ALA’s admissions team does not expect an applicant to be extraordinary in all five criteria; it seeks students with a variety of interests, strengths, and backgrounds. The admissions team will review applicants based on the following criteria (not listed in order of importance):
Leadership Potential: We encourage you to share with us the activities in which you participate and the leadership roles you assume at home, in your school, or in your community, and we hope you will think critically about what “leadership” means to you.
Entrepreneurial Spirit: Do you often think about how you can improve the world around you? Do you act when you see a need in your community? Do you enjoy thinking about new ideas and creating new products? We encourage you to celebrate your entrepreneurial spirit and share your entrepreneurial ideas with us.
Commitment to Service: Are you passionate about uplifting your community? Do you dream of a world in which all people are able to realize their dreams? Have you demonstrated this passion at school or in your community? If so, please share with us how you plan to give back to your community and the world.
Passion for Africa: Do you have an African dream? Are you excited by the idea of spending two years in a community of individuals from a wide range of cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds from across the continent? Are you excited about playing a role in making Africa a peaceful and prosperous continent?
Academic Achievement: The Academic environment at ALA is very rigorous and challenging, therefore our selection committee will closely review scores from national examinations and the marks and comments on each applicant’s school reports to ensure that applicants are fully prepared to maximize the inter-disciplinary nature of the ALA curriculum.

* All applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, therefore applicants are advised to fill in the applications with the most accurate information and providing as much valuable detail as possible.

How to Apply: The admissions process starts with the completion of an application either online or by emailing the completed form to admissions@africanleadershipacademy.org along with the submission of school reports.
The admissions team then reviews the applications received and shortlists selected applicants for finalist activities or phone interviews. Phone interviews in no way disadvantage an applicant’s chances for entrance into ALA.
At the finalist activities, prospective students will participate in group exercises, write an entrance examination, and submit recommendation letters from their former teachers. After the finalist activities, a final evaluation is done by the admissions team and then a final selection is made.

Deadline: 31 October 2016(Early Admission) or 1 January 2017(Regular Admission)

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